Empowering Businesses with G Suite

Sarah, an owner of a chain of coffee shops, wanted her business to be more professional and was looking for a stable, secure and affordable business email. While she wished to migrate from her current email address to a newer one, she wanted the transition to be smoother and easier for her business. She was advised to sign up for a business email address Gmail from Google Enterprise - G Suite.

Ever since moving to G Suite, Sarah's business has experienced a substantial growth in the clientele as she can communicate with her customers and suppliers anytime, anywhere and from any device as all her contacts synced on her mobile, laptop and tablet.

All her existing contacts, docs and emails were intact and stored as the security and interoperability of G Suite were impeccable. Her employees who used to earlier complain about constant SPAMs are now SPAM free, thanks to Gmail's spam filters that are designed to ensure a SPAM free inbox.

Meetings made easy - with Hangouts as she video conference with her clients and employees from anywhere. While her clientele grew, she could add more employee email addresses, as well as email aliases for her users.

Why move to G Suite?

Looking professional is a must in any business environment and to have an email ID, such as you@yourcompany.com. With a host of features made available to you from G Suite, it is imperative that you move your business email to Gmail today.

Author: Meghana GK
Credits: G Suite

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